Ned Zimmerman-Bence

Co-Founder @ GogyUp

Ned is a career educator with 25 years of experience in teaching, curriculum development, product implementation, educational technology and school administration. Prior to founding GogyUp, he worked at a national level to implement Open Educational Resources in community colleges and K-12 systems.  It was during this work that he identified illiteracy as a common obstacle to economic security for families and economic growth for communities. His career has also included training severely autistic adolescents, founding an arts-based elementary school, a decade of teaching hundreds of 3rd and 4th graders and leading a teacher-developed online high school from start-up phase to national accreditation.

GogyUp Inc designs, develops, and markets educational technology that removes obstacles to employment and economic growth.  Our first product, the GogyUp Literacy Support System , increases the pool of available workers by expanding the effectiveness of an employer’s current training materials – especially for employees with limited literacy or low English proficiency.  At its core, the system converts employers’ existing documentation into interactive job aides accessible on mobile devices and the Web. The GogyUp Reader app acts as a personalized “in-pocket” job coach for each employee with in-the-moment, anonymous reading assistance for any document required to understand job instructions or company policies.  The GogyUp Publisher provides employers with a new window into how well each employee understands their job instructions as well as automated tracking of when each individual completes a training – with mastery reporting to verify training outcomes.  All with minimal time needed and little if any new infrastructure to deploy across an entire company. A “60-second use case” is available here: